Social Media Marketing: Get The Right Attention

Simple website design is the first step to great internet marketing. A good website has an easy, comprehensive flow to it. It doesn’t make the reader search for answers. There is typically an above the fold method to good website design; meaning that you need to get customers attention right at the top just like an old-fashioned newspaper. The best website design company isn’t necessarily the one that makes the most ‘noise’. It’s the firm that listens, talks to you and makes you a partner in the project. After all, if the website isn’t a good reflection of what your business offers and its potential, then it really doesn’t make sense for you.

A smart business is going to know that having a solid e-commerce web site is just as crucial to the success of your business as a good homepage. Making it easy and simple for your customers to order, return and check on the status of your products is essential. In addition having that custom website design will make your company stand out. Don’t let your business get muddled and lost amongst all those boring template websites. Make it personalized to your business concept, standards and products.

Web design in UK doesn’t have to be fundamentally different than any other web design firm. However, understanding the culture, needs and details of a UK audience and UK businesses is essential. How many companies do you know of that really think about that? The best web design company is one that takes everything about you and your potential customers into account. A good firm will understand that it’s not just the website, but the integration of a number of marketing factors such as social media that will make the difference between just being a presence and making an impact.

Affordable web design, especially when it comes to social media marketing doesn’t have to mean cheap or loud design! In fact, knowing how to make the most of your business with a small budget will really showcase your business acumen. In fact, most consumers will likely tell you that when it comes to smart web design, less is more. Even custom website design no longer has to be out of reach and only in the realm of large businesses with big budgets. A custom website design can showcase your business and connect you to the exploding world of social media marketing all within a reasonable budget. There’s no reason why any business should have a cookie-cutter website.

Simple website design really comes down to just a few things. First, get the attention of your audience, the right kind of attention, that is. The last thing that you want is to have people rolling their eyes because your web site looks like a used car dealership! Next, make sure that the company you are dealing with has a strong yet innovative edge in website design services. Today, having a good website is no longer enough. Your web site must be integrated with e-commerce, other sites and social media as well.

Spread the Words Through Viral Marketing

Viral marketing involves a wide range of promotional activities that motivate people to pass along a marketing message to other individuals through any means of communication. Viral marketing can spread to millions in just seconds with the use of internet, hence the term “Viral”.

There are two common components of a viral marketing campaign. The first is digital video production. Viral videos are quite often short to ensure high viewership and immediately entertaining for the purpose of distribution. It can be based on existing videos in television, short clips from a mixture of sources or an intended or unintended video files with high entertainment value. Most use short video clips that are posted in social networking sites and business sites. Viral videos are short, novel, humorous and informative. It can run for just 30 seconds (even less in fact!) and can attract viewers not just to the video itself but to the services or products the video might market.

The second most common component of viral marketing is e-mail campaign. An e-mail is distributed to recipients containing some information, it may be of a marketing content or not, but generally it is aimed at encouraging the recipient to pass the information to a friend. In the e-mail, a viral video, link or a picture may be attached.

Businesses use an e-mail campaign when they like to invite people to attend product launchings or promotional events. A viral e-mail contains texts that aim to encourage the recipient to forward the e-mail to his contacts.

Other components include Short Message Service, blogging, social media interactivity, television, radio, polling services, and outbound and inbound call center services.

Effective viral marketing campaigns are based on three principles: social profile gathering, proximity market analysis and real-time key word density analysis. Companies that offer viral marketing service, just like New Media Service, use these three in advertising models to math a business with their target customers.

Viral marketing such as New Media Services’ “Forward Marketing” work by producing a viral video, e-mail or a blog depending on the best way to catch customers’ attention. Producers of viral videos think of how to present the product in the most novel way. Viral videos consist of simple information that reflects the services offered by the business, the prominent element is usually just the logo.

If the business does not have a website to post the videos, there are alternative options available such as influential websites like Youtube and Facebook. In e-mail campaigning, a list of recipients is prepared ahead of time. Live operators publish the video or send the e-mail to recipients, or manually call customers to deliver the message. Live operators may use blogging and other tools to increase the visibility of the marketing message.

When a viewer watches the video, he may also consider downloading it and storing it in his mobile device. Because viral videos are totally entertaining and easily gain publicity, viewers will surely forward the video to others. Viral e-mails, SMS messages and blogs are usually forwarded to peers.

The key target in the viral marketing process is “the buzz” wherein people talk about the video to their network of family, friends, acquaintances and often, random people. The initial production cost of the video is more often than not, the only expense; as advertising the product or service is done by the very same target market. Essentially, the entire job of business networking is done by people who find the viral campaign entertaining.

Viral videos and e-mails set the topic of conversations among groups. Most often, influential people recommend a product according to what they see in videos sent to them. They unconsciously utter the business’ name. Some result in the advantage of “perceptual value” wherein the viral marketing campaign creates good perceptions about the business that in turn, help build a solid business image.

The bottom-line of viral marketing is “word of mouth” promotion. Undoubtedly, “word of mouth” is the most powerful marketing tool.

Digital Internet Article Website SEO Online Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy – A New Dimension

Digital Marketing has taken a progressive stand than what it had been five years back. Nowadays companies are striving to create an image or a brand in the digital media such as websites, social media, banners and so on, to “Push” information into their targeted audience. As the push strategy is still prevalent, when in real life situations pull strategies are more effective and measurable.

The Planned Approaches to Digital Marketing aiming at a Targeted audience have lead to the strong growth of certain brands and personalities. For example Face book and Dale Carnegie are a few notable ones.

However there is a deeper concern as the number of companies focussed on finding new ways to promote their business, products, key messages and services to their target customer audience in the digital media are ever growing. The following issues when addressed leads to successful online presence over the Digital Media.

1. Creating a Product Image in Style

Once the decision is taken to strengthen the presence in the digital media, the first step is generally to conduct an online marketing research and competitor’s research to know about the product and their competitive markets. Following this process would be creating a Brand/Product Image that would represent the key message of the company, where it adopts a certain style of creating convincing messages to attract their target audience through key words, placing on relevant sites and web properties. In short-“Develop Great Content and Work with it smartly”

2. Web Traffic and Growth of Audience

Creating a demand for the content that needs to be published is an Art. There are several e-Commerce web design tools to enhance the potential Web Traffic for a particular brand. Keyword research plays a vital role in increasing the Web traffic to a particular site. Striving to deliver quality content to the audience would enhance the mind share of the site and enhance growth of the Audience with company’s new ideas.

3. Core content

Relevant images and unique content in a consistent fashion enhances the growth of the audience. Professional Content writers and Digital Marketing Agencies have a crucial role in moulding the image of the Product. The content displayed should advocate your audience to share and propagate your message to the broader society.

4. Brainstorming and New ideas

Whether In-house or Outsourced teams do your Digital Marketing, the focus must always be to bring forth New Ideas and Fresh Thinking into your advertising media. Motivated teams work hard on Brainstorming their team members for bringing about new ideas to promote their product. The main concern here would be in keeping the targeted audience in mind, while working on such content that drives the emotional or essential needs of the audience to fulfill their desires/demands.

5. Ongoing Reach of Targeted audience

In order to create and retain new and existing audience it is essential there is concerted effort in developing new content on regular basis in terms of blogs, newsletters, video, articles, press releases and so on, to keep the audience well informed of the latest developments related to the Product.

6. Accentuate your Uniqueness

Building a brand image for the Product takes a lot of careful planning, therefore the prior concern on Accentuating the Uniqueness of the Business, Product and Key messages could pull in the target audience you have been working for. Discovering a unique idea and standing for the cause without fear while driving the point consistently would make your company popular among the populus (Eco-friendly concept).Highlighting the unique selling points on your websites, social media and banners could bring in the desired target audience.

7. Influencer- essential in growing digital media

Bringing about alliances with Companies and other Influencers contribute to the growth of your presence in the digital media. Brand Ambassadors and Social Media Networks work efficiently at this effort in pulling the best alliances to advertise your product.

Though the above ideas are a gist of the various strategies in Digital Marketing, it is still growing and each day may present a new challenge in discovering and unravelling the potentials of this Media.

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Important Factors For Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO, is a marketing concept of attracting more visitors to a website and ranking your website high on the Search Engine Results Page. There are many search engines in the world, however, the biggest 3 Search Engines are namely; Google, Yahoo Bing which accounts for more than 90 percent of the search engines market.

SEO is the best technique for your targeted customers to locate your business and product and services offering on the Internet. They will search for the product or services they need by keying in keywords related to your business. SEO is a must for all business, with the wide spread of the Internet and the sheer number of people using the Internet as the main medium for research and sourcing, it will be unwise for any company to not engage in some form of SEO.

In order to drive traffic to their websites, a lot of companies begin their search engine marketing with ppc (pay-per-click) advertising programs, for example Google Ad Words. While this can often lead to influential first results, the payments to PPC are unrecoverable. To obtain a website ranked well, Search Engine Optimization is necessary to help a website stand out from its competitors.

A few things to note for an effective SEO campaign, contents on your website should be relevant. On-page SEO and Off page SEO.

On page SEO refers to the modification to the website, things you are able to control. Content, Images, Titles, Meta -tags etc.

Off page SEO refers to the portion of the SEO process you do not have absolute control over. However, this is done by creating links from external site to your own. Links should be built from sites that are of the same industry, similar location (local SEO) and of a high reputation. These factors form the main consideration for Search Engine ranks.

If you aim to be at the top of the search engine results for your keywords, then you are going to need to put in hard work and time. It would be beneficial for all websites to put in the effort to get a high ranked position. Getting more of your targeted audience to visit your site will increase awareness, branding, and sales leads.