Ad Text Optimization Tips For Increasing Profits With Search Engine Marketing

The main way to advertise in the major search engines is to create text ads that will show up for specific keywords next to the regular search engine listings. This is a highly popular and highly effective method for rapidly increasing website traffic, and many marketers have been able to make a full time living or create a company around the concept of selling products solely with search engine marketing.

The challenge of search engine advertising and writing text ads for search engines is that you have a very limited amount of space and characters that you are allowed to work with. For Google when you decide to advertise with them they will give you only 25 characters for the title, 70 characters for the text of the ad, and 35 characters for the URL. This can present a challenge for even the most skilled copywriters, and since the space is so limited it can be very difficult to craft a text ad that is effective and profitable.

In order to increase your success with your text ads, there are a few tips that you can follow in order to optimize the limited amount of space you are working with for maximum results. Out of the three different components of your text ad (the title, the body text, and the displayed URL), it is the title that is the single most important factor that determines whether your search engine advertising will be profitable. You need to create a title that will quickly interest and captivate your reader, and make them feel like they immediately need to know more about this topic.

One good way to do this is to ask a short question in the title of your ad that will have the positive answer of “yes” to your target reader, as this can catch their attention and make them click over to your website more frequently. A more advanced tactic that you can use is called dynamic keyword insertion, where you can have the keyword that they have typed into the search engine show up in the title. A good way to create the best possible titles for your text ads is to write out a list of 10 or more titles that are all within the 25 character minimum.

Once you have created your list of different headlines or titles that you will be using in your text ads, you will need to test them out by assigning a certain budget to each one and checking the results over time to see which one is the highest performing. By following these ad text optimization tips you should be able to get the most profit out of your search engine marketing campaign.